Written by James McDonald

August 15, 2007

The Age has an article debunking DVDs that purport to help your baby become a genius.

Clever marketing is all I can say. The Sales and Marketing Professional asks “What is it most Parents feel guilty about not giving their Children enough of?” Time! So some clever person comes up with a conscience soothing product – The Baby Einstein DVD.

While modern parents are restrained from spending a lot of time talking to and being with their children because of: The House, The Boat, The Car and every other repayment that causes them to slave at work for 12 hrs a day. The Personal Development Industry gives them a false sense of “It’s OK I’m not able to spend a significant amount of time with my child because I got a DVD that I can pop on and make them magically smarter”.

My parents generation referred to the TV as the “Idiot Box” I wonder how all of a sudden – with the addition of a DVD player – it’s become the “The Oracle of Knowledge”?


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