Profound Nothing

Written by James McDonald

August 11, 2007

I have been browsing the internet and looking at blogs, usually using StumbleUpon because my craving for spontaneity means that the “mouseclick gamble” it provides fulfills the desire to be entertained and suprised.

Bloggers have a certain conceit that other people will be interested in whatever they have to say. And yes some are really really interesting, others are just providing Paris Hilton reviews with the aim of generating blog traffic and therefore money.

I on the other hand have nothing special to say. I put my “Trials of Linux” online in the hope that some other person is trying to solve the same issue I have.

I am interested in what content makes people stay and read. So one day I will write something profound and post it. Just you wait and wait and wait some more.


  1. Gabriel

    when you finish getting bored come help out with software freedom day…

    and please tell me as when the Oporto chick shop opens

  2. Gabriel


    it’s too late at night…

  3. james

    It (The Oporto Shop in Aberglasslyn) is open I hear. I haven’t eaten there because I’m on a Gluten and Dairy Free diet at the moment


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