Written by James McDonald

December 11, 2006

Written by James McDonald
Monday, 11 December 2006
So we ended up going to see Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. If I can admire someone for the delivery of information then Al Gores presentation gets an A plus.I know a few people who “Don’t believe in Global Warming”. There is a large whirlpool of thought regarding the pro and cons of the whole Global Warming movement.

My thoughts on the matter are:

It no longer rains at the same times and with the same predictability as it used to when I was a kid

The weather seems to oscillate between 10-14 deg C one day in the week and then bounces to 26 – 38 in the same week.

It certainly seems hotter on average.

Does any one else notice we might as well paste the book of Revelation into our daily weather reports?

Now me voicing these thoughts will immediately get someone of a science background to pour scorn on the fact that, yes they are totally subjective, and that this hasn’t been proven scientifically etc etc.

People cleverly have found a great tactic is to stand behind the absence of “scientific fact” as a way of delaying any reason to change. While they smugly continue doing just what they have always done, waiting for the overwhelming burden of proof to arrive. At which time it’s usually too late for any preventative action.

I don’t really have a clear idea about the whole GW subject. There is so much uncertainty. Facts don’t seem to be “facts” because with all the new knowledge flying around paid for and dispensed by a few media outlets and given spin by every government who want their voters to have a 110cm plasma TV, Air conditioners in every room and a coal burning power station on the corner.

The Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt shoveled by just about every institution wanting to maintain the status-quo means you can’t say something categorically. By the time everyone with an interest in making sure the wording of any information release doesn’t hurt their particular industry/business/belief has finished, the whole thing has been watered down to almost nothing.

Anywho this is just my rough ramblings. I haven’t got the answers but I know where to find them
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