Written by James McDonald

June 14, 2007

We live in the Hunter Valley. Not suprisingly the Hunter River flows through the Hunter Valley. Because it’s a broad flat flood plain flooding is common. Around Maitland the Telegraph Poles have signs indicating flood levels from the big floods of 1955.

We are fortunate, not really fortunate more like for-thought-u-nate because we made sure we purchased on a hill above the flood levels. For us to be flooded would require a return to Noah’s day. We can be flooded in but even then there are several supermarkets nearby that won’t be out of reach (Coles, IGA etc).

Anyway, over the last week we helped others put things up out of flood reach.

The modern flood mitigation levys and spillways and excellent coordination by the SES (State Emergency Service) means only people living in really low lying area’s are at risk of getting flooded and even then the authorities manage to keep just about everyone safe.

Having said that if we had a little more rain then there would have been many many more people with flooded houses.


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