LedgerSMB – Changing Invoice to “Tax Invoice”

Written by James McDonald

January 1, 2009

This is done on Fedora 10. File paths may change depending on what install package or location you install to.

On Fedora 10 the path is LSMB_ROOT=/usr/share/ledgersmb

To maintain an orginal untouched set of templates you should always copy the demo templates away to a new folder and select this new folder as your default templates in the LedgerSMB admin control panel(see picture below).

Copy Demo Templates
cp -rv $LSMB_ROOT/templates/demo $LSMB_ROOT/templates/custom
if you do this as root you need to change the ownership to the apache user.

Enable Web Server Write Permissions to Custom Templates
On Fedora / Redhat
chown -Rv apache.apache $LSMB_ROOT/templates/custom
On Ubuntu / Debian
chown -Rv www-data.www-data $LSMB_ROOT/templates/custom

Configure Custom Templates
LedgerSMB User Adminsitration Page

Changing Invoice to Tax Invoice
vi $LSMB_ROOT/templates/custom/invoice.tex
find \textbf{I N V O I C E}
and change it to
\textbf{TAX I N V O I C E}

vi $LSMB_ROOT/templates/custom/invoice.html
Find this
<th colspan=3>
<h4>I N V O I C E</h4>
and change it to
<th colspan=3>
<h4>TAX I N V O I C E</h4>

You can make these changes from the LedgerSMB Application Login at “System ==> Latex Templates ==> Invoice” and “System ==> HTML Templates ==> Invoice” respectively. However you would have to do the steps of copying the demo templates to a new directory and then setting the new templates as the “Use Templates” option in the Admin control panel.

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  1. Mike Harmon

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.


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