Written by James McDonald

November 20, 2012

On the flight I managed to sit across the isle from a man who couldnt release himself from his seat belt. So after assisting him with that he noticed my mastery of the inflight entertainment system and kept bothering me to help him with it. He was also a ‘bum-in-the-facer’ whenever he stood up. But these are minor issues.

Lisa was complaining of being “hot” on the flight (I think her immune system was playing smackdown with a bug). Finally she is viewing herself as I view her.

So at the end of the flight we got a ride to the Park Royal from the airport with a Malay driver. I mention his ethnicity because Malaysia appears to be cultural melting pot you would just as likely get an Indian or perhaps middle eastern or chinese driver. But they all seem to speak english which is a great thing for us English as an only languagers.

Today I think we might be hanging with an ex-pat friend. I know definately first up I’m going to hit the Park Royals buffet breakfast like a Raptor on a Guinea Pig.


View from our room at KL Park Royal

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  1. Linda Neuner

    I will race you to the pool….:o)


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