Written by James McDonald

May 27, 2011

Well worth going to. Dubrovnik has a massive Castle and a stone work Town inside. It is bordered by sea and is uber picturesque.

Caught a bus from our accommodation overlooking the Ferry Port for 10KN each. For those with an engineering background KN is _not_ Kilonewton’s it’s Kuna the Croatian version of a dollar)

Walked along the top of the Castle walls 140KN (for two). Checked out all the new tile roofs due to the shelling that occurred during the Croatian War of Independence in ’91

Hired an audio tour MP3 Player with a map 50KN (for one). Interesting but the names of all the architects and sculptors stumped me. Dubrovnik is like a historical crossroads even figures from the crusades (Richard the Lion Heart) stopped and had an effect during the 12th century (sorry if I have the century wrong).

Ate at a vegetarian restaurant Nishta for Lunch and Dinner (cost us ~100KN for lunch and 189KN for dinner we went twice).

We walked from “Old Dubrovnik” (what they call the castle) back to our accommodation nearby the Ferry Port. Walk – Walk – Walk. My legs are no longer killing me and I’m not in pain as I walk now so it’s all good.

Now at our accommodation sitting on a balcony over-looking the port with our host at “Guest House Alen” who is a physics lecturer at University by day. Grape vines are growing on the handrails of the balcony. There are dozen of Swallows on the wing catching dinner for themselves.

We wanted accommodation close to the Ferry port because we are only staying for one night and then heading out to Bari Italy in the morning however our guest house is high on a hill meaning there are 4 flights of steps. Carrying 40KG of luggage up them was a challenge I must say.

At least when we leave it will literally be all down hill.


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