Written by James McDonald

December 11, 2012

Last night went to dinner at friends from Perths unit in District 7 which is an area where a lot of expats live because there isnt as much hussle and bussle as closer into the city centre. As you can see the unit is very modern.


My mother-in-law made Pho earlier in the day for lunch


And we visited her sister who lives nearby. She has had 12 children. Some of which live in the US and France.


If people have money in Vietnam they tend to make sure everyone knows about it by displays of wealth. Bentley, Lexus and BMW do a roaring trade in Vietnam.

Some of the parks in HCM have excercise stations my sister-in-law and wife  had a go.


The HCM nightline is dotted by newly constructed buildings lit with neon


There are some very distinctive buildings in HCM. The one behind us has a helipad.


In short I’ve been suprised by the contrasts in Vietnam.

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  1. Linduse

    Those exercise stations are brilliant, Australia would benefit from them. It would be so much fun having a turn and watching others. Meeting people would be great…..Hi I’m Linda……huffing and puffing…..how are you? huffing and puffing.


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