Written by James McDonald

May 22, 2009

So I have haunted the linux-users mailing list for about um (1999-2009) 10 years.

And the discussion turned to KDE4 and well frankly there wasn’t many people saying it ‘completes me’. Quite the opposite.

So seeing I’m running Ubuntu 9.04 I though I would install it…. and well to coin a phrase: “KDE4 is to KDE what Vista is to Microsoft”.

Immediate problems:
PrtScn and ALT+PrtScn don’t
The KDE menu allows you to go down a limb but there is no obvious way to get back to the trunk…

Usually I Google the problem and get a Ubuntu forums work-a-round or fix almost immediately. Nada.

It’s sad really… KDE traditionally has provided a nice balance to the Gnome over-simplicity, but now, it’s well, hundreds of knobs and levers not connected to the functionality it’s supposed to control.

I don’t normally do ‘opinion’ blogging. I prefer posting the Problem, Cause, Resolution style of blogs because they are the most helpful. But in this case. Come on KDE what happened?

One hopes that, like Microsoft, the KDE4 roadmap committee hears the criticism, and gets out of the sand dunes and back onto the pavement for the next major release.


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