Written by James McDonald

June 1, 2007

Do you have a dog? Some of us had dogs when we were younger and enjoyed their company and antics. As we got older and moved away from the family home a dog was not something we considered necessary and indeed became an impediment to renting property.

But once you buy your own place and have a garden and a lawn with room for a pet to roam. There can arise a subtle pressure to get a dog.

I’m reluctant because I know a pet is a responsibility and they don’t travel well if you want to move. Our place currently doesn’t have any fences to contain an animal, and there is so much other stuff (stormwater drainage, water tank, garden) to do before we can get a dog. My sedentary lifestyle is another problem – Dogs deserve excercise and attention.

Dogs like any living creature have personalities. I remember the times with past pets when shoes became play things and newspapers became shredded little bundles because of an overly exhuberant dog.

I’m not totally against having a pet, but I know they are a member of the family and require food shelter & companionship.

So if I blog that we have a dog in a few months you know we’ll have gotten all in order in preparation to have a pooch.


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