The week in sport – If you could call house renovation sport that is.

Written by James McDonald

December 16, 2007

Dishwasher – Finally
Despite my motivation being negatively geared. I did manage to install a Dishwasher which is such a watershed moment. We never had a dishwasher while I was growing up and all through my flatting years we never had one either. So here I am trying to put dishes into one and trying to get it right. I suppose some skills only come about with time. The dishwasher manual recommends a hotwater connection no greater than 60° so I also had to turn the hotwater systems thermostat down. My father will be over joyed at not having to dodge scalding shower water any longer (I don’t know why the previous owners had it turned up so high).

Heated Towel Rail
Another item was installing a heated towel rail in the bathroom. Because of space issues I had to install it in the same area as the cavity sliding door, so the concern was about screws sticking out too far and into the cavity. I managed to install it OK, with no score marks on the door from the screws being too long. Drilling through tiles with a masonry drill was a breath holding moment – there’s nothing worse than cracking a tile.


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