Apache to Nginx

Written by James McDonald

March 3, 2014

Just completed moving this website https://toggen.com.au/blog to nginx web server.

The issues I found:

  • Installing and configuring php-fpm to run per user
  • Learning the syntax of the nginx conf files
  • Rewriting the .htaccess files into the correct nginx rules
  • Trying to figure out the order of precedence for the nginx location {} blocks
  • Many nginx configuration examples use old syntax and you need to learn how to re-write them in try_files format
  • Running multiple PHP applications such as CakePHP, WordPress and Gallery 3 which all have different ways of handling arguments.
  • A lot of howto’s assume that the application is in the web root moving them to sub-directories can be challenging when having to port the aforementioned .htaccess rules
  • Installing on CentOS which has a different conf file layout to the more ubiquitous Debian based distro’s







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