Written by James McDonald

January 11, 2016

  • Indifference (drift) (Hot or cold not lukewarm)
    • What if it’s the wrong direction? Even if you go in the wrong direction but with feeling you’ll find out quicker and can adjust.
    • Inspiration or desperation
    • Strong Feeling people do better than people you need to ‘resurrect’ once a month
    • Chose Saul because of his strong feeling – became the apostle Paul
    • Put everything you’ve got into everything you do
  • Indecision – mental paralysis
    • Life full of adventure is a life full of decisions
  • Doubt – plague (self doubt worst)
    • Chronic self-doubter
  • Worry
    • Creates stress related health problems
    • Don’t be a super worrier
    • Give it(worrying) up
    • Life is not free of challenge, but better if free of too much worry
  • Over caution – being too cautious
    • Timid approach
    • Risks, What if? Language of the poor
    • It’s all risky. Safety and security
  • Pessimism – Looking only at the problem side, reasons it can’t be done
    • Alway glass half empty
    • Our lives effected by the way we think things are
    • We need better thinking habits
    • As you think so you become
    • Fabric of life is built on the ingredients we put into our mind
  • Complaining – Crying, griping, moaning, murmuring
    • Economic cancer of the bone
    • Ask the children of Israel. They as slaves saw miracles. Never got there (promised land). Because from Day 1 they complained. Griped about water, weather, food, leadership. It’s too far, too cold, too miserable. Died in the desert. Indulge in this long enough and you cancel your future


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