Written by James McDonald

May 24, 2023

There are three configurations this post covers

Local Development

Use the default if working locally

If you are using CakePHP 4 and developing on the local file system (straight from Windows) use this:


If your project is in C:\Users\ja.TGNT\cake_test you get a URL as follows on a Windows 11 System



To get to a file hosted in WSL you have to make sure the link targets the full path to the file in the WSL environment.

In this case I have the source code being served from a folder in WSL via a Docker container.

So I have to remove the CakePHP 4 ROOT (/var/www/wms) and prepend the WSL path to that mounted folder.

Debugger::addEditor('wsl', function ($file, $line) {
    $file = str_replace(ROOT, '', $file);

    $prefix = '/home/ja/dev/wms';

    return "vscode://vscode-remote/wsl+Ubuntu-22.04{$prefix}{$file}:{$line}";


An example of a URL for WSL


Note the /wsl+Ubuntu-22.04 which is the Windows Subsystem for Linux Distribution being used

Windows 11 Host and Docker using WSL2 Engine

This will allow you to attach to a running docker Development container

Debugger::addEditor('docker', function ($file, $line) {
    $container = [
        'containerName' => 'wms-php-1'

    $json = json_encode($container);

    $hex = bin2hex($json);

    return "vscode://vscode-remote/attached-container+{$hex}{$file}:{$line}";


An example of a URL for attaching to a running Docker container





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