Chromium Browser Fedora 15 – Twitter Aw, Snap

Written by James McDonald

July 24, 2011

Go to and try to browse to a user profile and you get an “Aw, Snap” page.

Using information at

Fix the current seLinux context for the Chromium-browser and install restorecond ( the daemon that watches for file creation and then sets the default SELinux file context )

restorecon -R ~/.config

# install restorecond
su -c 'yum install policycoreutils-restorecond'
# enable it
su -c 'chkconfig restorecond on'


  1. Jaffer

    Thank’s so much for sharing. It seems Randell’s website is not loading at the moment so I will just leave my thanks here.

    I needed to reboot after installing restorecond to make twitter work again.

    Chrome is my preferred browser … but even if one important website screws up showing me a blue screen of snap – it puts a blotch on my computing experience.

  2. Randell

    Thanks for providing the link, James!

    You’re welcome, Jaffer!



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