Written by James McDonald

September 22, 2008

Dia is a drawing and diagramming application for Linux or Windows.

I have used it for a long time to draw network and flow diagrams for my work.

However I’ve always been a bit whelmed of the under variety, by the 2 dimensional icons for some things. While there is a huge number of very cool Cisco icons. If you are wanting to do one of those cool Visio style diagrams with the Orthogonally projected icons there wasn’t the correct shapes in dia to use. Until now. This guy has converted some Gnome icons into dia shapes which provide quite handsome network icons. Go to his blog and follow the download link. Follow the instructions to install.

Here is a sample:

There appears to be a sourceforge page for the icons now http://gnomediaicons.sourceforge.net/


  1. Carlos Le Mare

    Thanks for the tip

  2. PTecza

    Thank you very much for interesting blog entry! It helped me to found cool Gnome DIA icons. I very like them and use for all my network diagrams now 🙂

    Do you know that Thiago Ribeiro also created database icons for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and IBM DB2?

  3. Lari

    Thanks – very nice and helpful

  4. Roberto Rangel

    Really nice, thanks

  5. Hook

    Hi, the quality of this shapes is damn bad! Best regards

    • admin

      Noted. However they are the best 3d look icons for Dia that I have found. If anyone else can point to better ones that would be very much appreciated.



  1. Martinus Ady H. BloG _ Adding Extra Icon In DIA - [...] Nah jika teman-teman sudah berhasil meng-install packages DIA Diagram dan gnomeDIAIcons, maka kita akan dapat menggambar topologi jaringan sekeren…

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