Greenshot – Makes documentation easier

Written by James McDonald

June 24, 2021

I take lots of screenshot per day. Greenshot is a handy utility that makes that very easy. I find it useful for:

  • capturing the settings in configuration dialogs,
  • creating step by step how to’s and
  • documenting before and after changes.

Greenshot has extensive configuration options

Greenshot can output to multiple targets

By opening Greenshot preferences and deselecting “Select destination dynamically” you can select multiple destinations. I prefer to have “Save directly (using preferred file output settings)” and “Copy to clipboard” selected.

With these settings, screenshots are saved as a file to a folder of my choice, and also copied to the clipboard ready for insertion in documentation.

Given that Windows 10 doesn’t really have a featureful default screen shot application Greenshot really is a life saver.


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