How long does it take for ddrescue to take a rescue image of 2TB SATA drive?

Written by James McDonald

September 13, 2011

Answer: A long time. In my case I started at around 7:30PM last night and it’s at 1343GB with another ~700GB to go and it’s almost 8AM the following morning.

So at the moment it’s taken 12+HRs to do ~1.3TB.

The total time was from 7:30PM 12/09/2011 to 2:41 13/02/2011. So a little under 20hrs to do the full image copy of 2TB.

I’m using a Western Digital Elemements 3TB USB2.0 External Hard Drive (Model WDBAAU0030HBK-AESN) and the computer driving it is a recent spec i7 with 8GB RAM. The disk I’m rescuing the data off is a Western Digital Green 2TB WD20EARX (A little problem with a deleted partition).

Here is the command as taken from

ddrescue -vr-1 /dev/sdb recovered_data.img ddrescue.log

About to copy 2 TBytes from /dev/sdb to recovered_data.img
    Starting positions: infile = 0 B,  outfile = 0 B
    Copy block size: 128 hard blocks
Hard block size: 512  bytes
Direct: no    Sparse: no    Split: yes    Trecent spec i7 with 8GB RAMruncate: no

Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Initial status (read from logfile)
rescued:         0 B,  errsize:       0 B,  errors:       0
Current status
rescued:     1343 GB,  errsize:       0 B,  current rate:   31916 kB/s
   ipos:     1343 GB,   errors:       0,    average rate:   28251 kB/s
   opos:     1343 GB,     time from last successful read:       0 s
Copying non-tried blocks...

Serial: WCAWZ0594461

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  1. Bytes Back Data Recovery

    As the guy below pointed out, the time to clone a drive as large as that will probably take a lot more time when damaged. And that is usually the case. For example, I’m currently cloning such a drive and it takes say 12 hours to clone 2GB. At this rate it will take more than a year to clone the whole drive. Cheers!



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