MD5SUM check files need to be in unix format on windows

Written by James McDonald

September 25, 2009

I just attempted to use md5sum.exe under windows…

In a putty session on a Linux box I ran md5sum and then copied and pasted the output to a text file under windows…

[[email protected] thejayster]$ md5sum live-bak-200909250216AM.tar.gz
f7f3d5ac5cd898dbceaf1939c2228c15  live-bak-200909250216AM.tar.gz

# copy the output to windows
C:\backup>md5sum -c MD5SUM.txt
: No such file or directory16AM.tar.gz
: FAILED open or readAM.tar.gz
md5sum: WARNING: 1 of 1 listed file could not be read
; try and run md5sum against the file...
C:\backup>md5sum -c MD5SUM.txt
live-bak-200909250216AM.tar.gz: OK
; this is after converting the MD5SUM.txt file to unix format using notepad++


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