Written by James McDonald

September 11, 2019

Just had to enter my mobile number into a Microsoft Certification Website that has an old style phone entry field with a “required” area code.

So it prompted the question. Do mobile phones have an area code if so what is it?

Sort of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mobile_telephone_prefixes_by_country

So for Australia the mobile “area code” is 4 followed by 9 numbers. So looking at everyones Australian mobile numbers prefixes I can see it is true.

0419,0428,0468,0424,0411,0400,0400,0425 etc.

This is a fix for a rare corner case which only a few will ever worry about. Just glad I’m not blogging for clicks and traffic.


  1. lonni j friedman

    That seems like an Americanism, where every phone number has an area code, regardless of the type of service its associated with.

  2. James McDonald

    Ahh that explains why it hasn’t been “fixed”


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