National Broadband Network – They Give You MIDs and MIFs

Written by James McDonald

March 25, 2013

Just looking at

And they offer some zip files which contain MID and MIF extensioned files. Which are MapInFo vector overlays to show where they are putting fibre in. I didn’t really know what to do with them when I first downloaded them.

However I found a program named QGIS (yum install qgis) which has the ability to load them as a layer… wasn’t much use until I installed qgis-python, restarted QGIS and then used the Plugins -> Fetch Python Plugins to install the OpenLayers Plugin which loads Google or Open Street Map layers to allow the MIF / MID File overlays to make sense.

Example MIF contents:

Version   600
Charset "WindowsLatin1"
Delimiter ","
Index 1
CoordSys Earth Projection 1, 116
Columns 1
  id Char(30)

Region  1
153.023899 -27.3742
153.024999 -27.373332
153.028688 -27.373908
153.028826 -27.373157
153.028872 -27.372899
153.028948 -27.37291
153.029396 -27.370552
153.029381 -27.370477
153.029399 -27.370407
153.02957 -27.370044
153.029674 -27.369587

Example MID Contents:


And here it is with the MIFs and MIDs loaded.

And disappointingly non of the areas outlined contain my house. The website says construction will start sometime before 2014…

I would love fibre to the home and to my work I could move from an onsite everything shop to co-locating with a cloud provider and get dressed in my jammies to go to work.



So this is my answer to my Google Search “How do I open MIF files on Linux”


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