Ubuntu – PuTTY GTK2 Package

Written by James McDonald

May 18, 2009

I wrote some stuff on compiling PuTTY with GTK2.

Here is a deb for Ubuntu (I compiled it on 8.04 and have tried it on 9.04)


md5sum: 2f0926105d949dcb7fc7ce0c818b2088

I think I did it with checkinstall and if it’s broken you get to keep both peices however if it’s useful then knock yourself out.

The package puts plink, pscp, psftp, pterm, putty, puttygen & puttytel in /usr/local/bin

And here’s a picture:

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  1. Adam Wallner


    Thank You! It works great on Jaunty. I copied the .desktop and icons from the package provided by Ubuntu, so I have icons in the Ubuntu menu.

    Thanks Again,
    Adam Wallner


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