IE7 Embedded Squirrelmail Login JavaScript Error

Written by James McDonald

July 10, 2007

I have embedded my Squirrelmail login into the front of my wordpress blog by putting into the header.php the following function

The default squirrelmail code uses the format document.forms[0]. this causes the code to see the first form on the page which may not be your Squirrelmail Embedded Login Form. So change every instance of document.forms[0]. to document.forms.FORMNAME. as above.

This has to go in the body tag

Then in the sidebar.php or in whichever page you have the form defined add a name for the form…

User: Password:

From then on the javascript function will refer to the correct form by name instead of index and you wont see a “Error: ‘document.forms.0.js_autodetect_results’is null or not an object” error in IE7


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