Page Load Speed Improvements

Written by James McDonald

September 29, 2011

I’m noodling away at my websites performance using the Google Page Speed plugin.

It recommends losslessly compressing your images using a number of utilities.

I mostly upload png format images so I ran the following on my WordPress content folder to compress the images.

# install both the jpegtran and optipng compression tools
apt-get install libjpeg-progs
apt-get install optipng 

# change to your wordpress content directory
cd /path/to/your/wordpress/wp-content

# run a command to find and compress all your png's
# this will take a while if you have been blogging a lot of images
find  . -type f  -name *.png | xargs -IFILE optipng FILE

# clear your browser cache and rerun Page Speed 
# to see if you have made an improvement. 
# (I went from 90 to 91 on my page speed rank)


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