Password Safe .desktop File

Written by James McDonald

June 10, 2020

Been struggling to come to terms with Gnome Shell removing the Windows System Tray functionality

Have installed some extensions to get tray icons showing

sudo dnf install gnome-shell-extension-topicons-plus
sudo dnf install gnome-shell-extension-appindicator
sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks

Restarting Gnome Shell

# how to restart gnome-shell without logging out
Alt + F2

But even though the Windows System Tray icon for Password Safe appears on the top bar. I can’t click it or choose the normal windows default option to restore the Password Safe window.

If I launch and never minimize Password Safe it stays in the Alt-Tab list

Minimize makes Password Safe disappear from the Alt-Tab list

When you can no longer see the icon in the Alt+Tab list you need to kill the password safe process and restart it

killall pwsafe.exe

So in view of this issue the work-a-round is to never minimise Password Safe and then it will always appear in the Alt-Tab list

Another Issue is the default Password Safe.desktop file doesn’t work

When you install Password Safe it creates a .desktop file located here:

/home/jm/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/Password Safe/Password Safe.desktop

It needs to be edited to work. This is what I did to make it work

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Password Safe
Exec=env WINEPREFIX="/home/jm/.wine" /usr/bin/wine C:\\\\windows\\\\command\\\\start.exe /Unix /home/jm/.wine/dosdevices/c:/users/jm/Start\\ Menu/Programs/Password\\ Safe/Password\\ Safe.lnk
Path=/home/jm/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files (x86)/Password Safe

I don’t know if this is a real fix but the .desktop file created by the installation program doesn’t work at all so at the least the above is an improvement


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