Running Cron on Selected Days of the Week

Written by James McDonald

November 27, 2009

I can never remember how to setup cron.

This example shows how to set up a job to run on selected days of the week.

# minute hour "day of month" month "day of week"
# 5 past midnight on mon-fri (sun 7or0, mon-sat is 1-6)
5  0  *  *  1-5 /home/list/

# this one runs at 9:53AM mon to friday
# 53  9  *  *  1-5 /home/list/

# this one runs at 2:10 am mon,wed,fri
10  2  *  *  1,2,5 /home/list/

1 monday
2 tuesday
3 wednesday
4 thursday
5 friday
6 saturday
0,7 Sunday


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