Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Bloat Check

Written by James McDonald

July 8, 2014

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Model: GT-19505, Android 4.3 – Telstra image) which was circular rebooting at greater than 50% battery charge. Battery life was abysmal. I noticed the phone would get very hot. Sometimes the rebooting kept happening even when I put the phone on charge, causing me to have to remove and then re-insert the battery.

Checking on the internet I discovered that some batches of batteries had problems with bloating or swelling.

So I pulled mySamsungGS4_Puffy_Battery_20140708_101433 battery out and did a bloat check which involved putting a straight edge on the battery and checking for a hump. You can see from this image that the battery isn’t flat like it should be. At the edge of the battery it is approximately 5.2mm and in the middle the hump measures about 6.7mm. Without the straight edge you can feel the hump with your thumb, it’s that pronounced.

My phone is out of the warranty period so I couldn’t a get a warranty replacement.

So time for a new battery Samsung Australia is charging (no pun intended) $39.95 + postage. So I went to and found one for $15.99 plus 10 postage. It took 12 business days to arrive.

I have only had the new battery in for a short time. Time will tell, but I’m hoping I now go back to being able to use my phone for at least 24 hours between charges.



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