See which Port a computer is on Unifi USW Pro 48 PoE SWITCH

Written by James McDonald

April 6, 2024

The Unifi Network application reports devices as being on the wrong port. I have one environment where the browser console reports devices as being in Port 1 of the USG when they are actually plugged into switches in other buildings. So as a work-a-round to find the device you need to know it’s mac and then you can log into the switch or switches you think it is connected using SSH to and find which port it is on.

SSH into switch

# enter "cli" at the # prompt
# cli
(UBNT) >show mac-addr-table

# to exit 

VLAN ID  MAC Address         Interface              IfIndex  Status
-------  ------------------  ---------------------  -------  ------------
1        AB:CD:EF:4B:54:E1   0/49                   49       Learned
1        AB:CD:EF:1A:CF:14   0/51                   51       Learned
1        AB:CD:EF:1A:E7:56   0/50                   50       Learned
1        AB:CD:EF:1A:ED:A2   0/50                   50       Learned
1        AB:CD:EF:1A:F5:7A   0/13                   13       Learned
1        EF:AB:CD:A3:9A:A9   0/37                   37       Learned
1        CD:EF:AB:5B:80:6E   0/51                   51       Learned
1        CD:EF:AB:44:03:60   0/50                   50       Learned
1        CD:EF:AB:44:03:61   0/49                   49       Learned


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