Written by James McDonald

January 30, 2024

The internet is a waterhole and we are digital gazelles

James McDonald 2024

Look at the text below of 2 emails I received sent to two of my email aliases from two different From addresses

I presume it just requires you to reply to the query and then they send some exploit for whichever operation system you respond with based on the email client you use to reply.

Some things to look out for

  • The reply-to address is different to the from address
  • You get multiple emails with the same text to different email addresses in your domain
  • The email lacks specifics
  • Appeals to a well known company (in this case Stripe)

What’s up,

I’m reaching out because I’ve got a major issue. There’s this unexpected charge on my debit card, and it turns out, it’s linked to a transaction on your platform. Now, get this: I talked to Stripe Processing, and they were like, “Yep, the payment went through our site, and you’ve got to sort this out with those folks on your side.”

Honestly, I’m quite annoyed. Money just went poof from my card, and I can’t remember getting anything from you guys. This whole mess is driving me nuts. I’ve already started an challenge with my financial institution, and I’d be grateful for your help in shedding light on this debit. Could you give me some details, like the order number or something?

I’ve got all the records I need – payment records, all lined up to substantiate my claim.

I’m expecting for your prompt response on this.

Yours Truly Scammer


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