Stop Synology warning low disk space at 20% FREE SPACE

Written by James McDonald

March 22, 2023

If you have a Synology NAS with 10TB and you get a warning of low disk space at 2TB remaining here is how to change the Low Capacity Notification

Low Capacity Notification from a Synology NAS as seen on a mobile device
Low Capacity Email Notification sent from a Synology NAS as seen on a Outlook for Mobile on Android

Open Storage Manager and under Storage in the left hand pane expand the Storage Pool and click on the Volume in the left hand pane. Under the Volume 1 section in the right hand pane click the three dots … and choose settings

Scroll to the bottom of the Settings dialog and change the “Low Capacity Notification” setting to be something a little lower. I chose 5% which means I will get a warning when I only have a ~500GB free.

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  1. Fadzli

    Thanks, really appreciate this.


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