Written by James McDonald

April 10, 2021

So I have built and hosted a new website for Roger Clark Pest Management they are a family owned and operated Pest Control and Management business in Maitland NSW Australia

It uses WordPress and the Divi theme with one of the many layouts that are provided by the makers of Divi — Elegant Themes

I have used Roger for my own pest control needs and he is very thorough. He is one of those guys that has so much experience in his industry that he can put you in touch with other good resources for your property. I value his honesty and generously shared knowledge

The challenge that small businesses have is that they need to be online and visible.

There are many operators that will charge $4000+ a year for a business listing and page on their site. What can be missing is they wont help curate their customers Facebook page, Google My Business and social media listings to ensure their online presence is consistent. All the big company services in the world won’t help if you can’t get hold of a helpful person within the business. So I make it my aim to give sensible solid advice.

As a trusted adviser, if you can advise the small business person to keep their socials updated and pointing towards their website that can help to give them boost in the never ending SEO challenge of getting viewed on Google

So my next steps with Roger Clark Pest Management is to make sure their contact details match wherever they appear on the web, register and verify the business with Google My Business, make sure that the new site is appearing in Google and give them access so they can manage their Google My Business profile if they want to


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