USB Tethering Fedora 15 and HTC Desire Android

Written by James McDonald

July 25, 2011

I just had the following experience:

I sat down in front of my desktop computer which isn’t connected to the internet at the moment. My HTC Desire Android based phone told me it needed a recharge so I plugged it in to my computer for a bit using it’s USB cable. It popped up a menu of the different connection options, I selected USB Tethering which is the option to share the mobiles network with the computer. And within about 5 seconds I was on the internet with my Fedora 15 box.

Now I know people might be like “Yeah, so what” I do that all the time. But for me it just goes to show how the Linux Desktop Operating system has become seemlessly useable. I didn’t even think about needing a big download (Nokia OVI) or have to install HTC Sync software to get the drivers to work it just plugged in and worked.

I know us Linux users are now all having to get used to the new Gnome 3 or Ubuntu Unity paradigm. But pretty much most things just work now-a-days.

There are still some real annoyances like my embedded intel-hda sound card being unable to input sound without it sounding scratchy but hey I paid zero $ for my OS.

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  1. Bird

    Yes, Fedora 15 ROCKS!!!

    However, they need to make some things a little simpler. For instance, if one would like to set up Samba network, it can be very frustrating, for Fedora developers blocked Samba network by default and did not provided tools to fix it (system settings, etc).
    It took me couple of weeks to figure it out. And, there are many frustrated people who are struggling with that issue too.


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