Windows 7zip Fails to Extract a Tar Archive created on Linux

Written by James McDonald

May 28, 2010

Just had an error in Windows 7-Zip 4.6.5 trying to extract a Linux tar archive. A reasonably large tar archive of 3.76 GB.

Got this error:

So fell back to using Cygwin
Using tar -tf archive.tar allowed me to list the contents of the archive just fine.

But attempting to extract the archive threw up errors such as this:
tar: usr/share/man/fr/man3/Defoma\:\:Font.3pm.gz: Cannot open: Invalid argument
The problem was the `:’ characters windows won’t allow them.

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  1. mukesh sawant

    DEAR FRIEND I cannot open the zip file error is coming (can not open file c:path document .zip’ as archive) pl’z give me the solution for this


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