Written by James McDonald

August 11, 2014

When you run the xTuple installer under a Linux 64 bit O/S sometimes it returns to the command prompt with blank or no output.


Searching the forums gives hints, some are very dated http://www.xtuple.org/xTuple-3.3.0-Fedora-11-x86_64-How-To but still useful if you translate them to the latest package names.


So these are the old packages required under Fedora 11

yum -y install libSM.i586 
yum -y install glib2.i586
yum -y install libtar.i386
yum -y install libXrender.i586 
yum -y install fontconfig.i586 
yum -y install libXext.i586 
yum -y install krb5-libs.i586 
yum -y install compat-libstdc++-296.i586 
yum -y install libstdc++.i586

Which means the commands to run to install them on Fedora 20 are:

yum -y install krb5-libs.i686
yum -y install libXrender.i686
yum -y install libXext.i686
yum -y install compat-libstdc++-296.i686
yum -y install libSM.i686
yum -y install libstdc++.i686
yum -y install glib2.i686
yum -y install libtar.i686
yum -y install fontconfig.i686

Note the change from i386/i586 to i686

So after installing the above we get the following packages on Fedora 20


Hopefully that will give you the libs you need to run the ./xtuple installer and client




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