Written by James McDonald

May 12, 2011

Just arrived in Hong Kong. The approach was really beautiful the lights of the city and the interspersed clouds made me feel like a mythological god looking down on humanity.

Hong Kong airport is big, modern and organized. Despite me being a nervous traveler, the transfer process from one gate to another wasn’t daunting at all. Of course my wife was holding my hand and having a companion is good unless you’re having a car accident.

To quote Henry Rollins the ubiquitous motorized walkways are designed to “increase ones ambulatory efficiency” but we decided to avoid them and walk on the non-moving carpet. After 9 hours in a chair a walk is good for you.

Cathay, so far, has been exemplary. Am I strange that I enjoyed the in-flight meals?

Anyway I can’t blog myself dry in one day so signing off to go look for some bottled water is a good idea.

I’m looking forward to a good holiday and… world peace.


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