Written by James McDonald

May 27, 2011

Go Hvar!

Via the magic of the internets we booked accommodation at Villa Zorana while we were in Split.

Finding Villa Zorana was a bit of a challenge. Apparently Hvar has only just recently named the streets so even people that spoke English (which just about all do to some extent) were at a loss to explain where Villa Zorana was using the listed “address”. We eventually got someone who knew were it was.

I was sweating profusely after walking the wrong way first and then finally decided to get out my laptop and copy the map I had downloaded from my laptop to my phone.

Getting to Villa Zorana. You should get off the ferry at end of the pier. If you are standing in front of the restaurant at the end (Gariful) facing it, you need to go to the right. Most people getting off the ferry head towards the main square you should be heading away from the Main Square.

Follow the walkway around you should see a small bay with a monastery on it’s right side, to the left of the monastery is a set of stairs and a restaurant named Vardel to the left of the stairs. Go up the stairs and follow the path (you do a right-left dogleg) until it turns back into a road.

Head up the hill until you see a garage door on your right with a map of Hvar on it advertizing Scooters.

Immediately past the garage door are stairs leading up to the Villa Zorana apartments.

Note: There are actually 2 apartment rental places located on the same site Villa Skansi inhabits the lower floors and Villa Zorana inhabits the top level. The sign for Villa Skansi is the more obvious one so you may think your in the wrong place.

Is a Rocky Island. Amazing the amount the farmers can grow, rocks are painstakingly moved aside and the prescious soil planted. Sometimes the slopes are so steep that they make terraces with the rocks.

It would take generations to remove the rocks but they have managed to make arrable land despite it’s rockiness. I admire that.

They produce Lavender, Olives, Grapes…

On our second day on Hvar we rented a scooter and went to a place named Zavala. To get there you have to ride through a 1.4KM tunnel. It’s dark and unpaved…water is dripping from the ceiling of the tunnel. On a scooter it’s quite an adrenaline thrill.

Went to Stari Grad and Telsa lovely places. Great modern tunnel to get there and the highway system is first class…. Scooter was unreal fun.

The view from Hvar Castle was excellent.

Swimming is interesting but watch out for the Sea Urchins can really spoil a holiday if you get them in your feet a friend warned us so we bought a pair of boots to protect our feet and they help to protect your feet because the beaches are rocks not sand.

Went to a 15th Century monastery which includes a museum and a painting known as the “Last Supper” (you may have heard of it). There is an approximately 500 year old Cyprus in the grounds of the Monastery which is an amazing sight.

While we were at Hvar a film production crew turned up. There were heaps of people running about and after Googling what the production was ( Missing ) we were on the look-out for Ashley Judd. We finally caught sight of her in the last few hours before we left. Now we will have to watch the show (hopefully it will be syndicated to Australia).

Left Hvar on the 5PM ferry to Korcula….

Loving it!


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