Written by James McDonald

June 4, 2011

I haven’t really been blogging much re the trip. Too busy being a tourist.

Praiano was lovely and we did a lot of stuff.

We had a good and classy apartment. Great views

Positano. Walked about 11km’s from Praiano to Positano and enjoyed a beer with Pete. Then returned another day and met up and had lunch with Tony & Kerry but it was raining cats, dogs and bandicoots the second time.

Visit to Pompeii. Bus from Praiano to Meta and then Train to Pompeii. A stark reminder that disasters as we are seeing them now have happened in the past and that survival means letting go of your material possessions and acting ASAP.

Sorrento. Got off train from Pompeii and had a walk around and bought a hat.

Went snorkelling off Praiano beach. Got stung by a jelly fish. But overall great experience. Jumped off the pier. Felt I relived a few moments of my youth (Seem to love jumping from rocks into water).

Amalfi Coast Bus travel is an experience. A tight twisting road not big enough for two vehicles to pass each other in places. Precipitous drops just past the gaurd rails. Bus drivers who know exactly where their bus is on the road. Little cars and scooters vying for space and a way forward. Most amusement/concern came from bus drivers using their mobile / texting / chatting while driving, never felt unsafe though the bus drivers know their stuff.

You really have to get used to the roads because they are unlike anything we have in Australia.

Meals. Had some great meais and discovered Lemoncello (alcoholic sweet lemon based drink). I’m not into fish so as usual my choices were limited. But had a wonderful Fettuccine Bosciola at Pompeii.

Today leaving by bus from Praiano to catch the Eurostar to Rome the cargo door on the side of the bus sprang open and dropped someones bag, the bus driver had to get out and pick it up and relock the cargo door and continue. (glad it wasn’t my bag).

Stayed in Salerno for a few hours before Leaving for Rome. Lisa wanted to shop a little but sadly it was Ciesta time so a lot of the shops were closed. I spent 19 euros baby sitting myself at a Cafe while Lisa shopped.

Rome experiences to follow.


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