Cooking Lessons before taking the night train back to Hanoi

Written by James McDonald

November 27, 2012

Today I had a cooking lesson and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe when I get home I will be able to entertain with an Vietnamese dinner night.

The first dish we made was a Green Papaya Salad

I found cutting everything nice and small to be challenge. My wifes version is shown below. I loved making a tomato skin rose.


The next thing was Chrispy Pork Spring rolls…


Followed by Chilli Chicken Lemon Grass


Finally a Vietnamese Dessert of Sweet Potato Soup


While we waited for the lesson to begin we pottered around the grounds…



The mist keeps everything moist and the plants growing.



  1. Daniel and Tanya Holmes

    Hey Guys

    Sounds like lots of fun – can’t wait to sample your wonderful creations…. we would have loved to be there with you 🙂 Looks beautiful – we love Vietnamese food – yummy…

    Miss you guys – enjoy the rest of your trip and look forward to seeing more of your adventures.

    DanTan xxx

  2. Linda Neuner

    I second that, the food looks absolutely delicious. I am berry impressed by the cooking skills you both posses, the rose was such a sweet touch. Vietnam looks so blissful, relaxing on the swing with the mist caring for the plants. View like that leaves on speechless.


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