Written by James McDonald

November 26, 2012


At the moment we are waiting in a place called the Sapa Rooms which is a very stylish place owned and operated by an Aussie named Peter. He also owns the H’mong Retreat which we are staying at tonight. The H’mong Retreat doesn’t have hifi so I’m getting my blogging done now. Sapa Rooms has a good restuarant which sells good viet food and enough western comfort food to keep everyone happy. In another hour we are going to get a bus across to the H’mong Retreat… And have decided to do a very expensive (by viet standards) 3 course meal tonight. The dinner is vegetarian so im looking forward to it. Following are some photos from our day.


My Sapa Sisters guide Lan



I now understand why asian dishes have pork, chicken amongst other things in them every family has chickens, pigs and maybe goats and buffalo. I really loved hearing the sounds of chickens mothering their young. But the best was watching a mother chook who had had duck eggs put under her walk along the edge of a rice paddie while her duckling children swam in the water. I can only imagine how it was messing with her instincts…


Pigs and piglets


Buffalo Stance


Cow on a hill


Goats grazing in rice paddies

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  1. Linda Neuner

    It’s pictures like this that keep my faith in Jehovah burning on the inside. You both made my day. The marvels of creation. I promise no tears, a slight welling up in the eyes though, that is to be expected..I love, love Mrs Chicken, her instincts may say they look a bit funky, but still she cares for them. Big hugs for her and you both. :o)


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