Waiting at Kangaroo Cafe for Hanoi to Ha Long Bay Bus

Written by James McDonald

November 29, 2012



8AM waiting for bus to Ha Long bay. Other travellers are filtering in to Kangaroo Cafe. Seems like it will be a good group size. A french family and a few aussies… At the moment.

Apparently the owner of Kangaroo Cafe is  a Labour man. There is a picture of Ho Chi Minh on the wall as well as patriotic posters.

There is a quote on the wall by Bertolt Brecht regarding the importance of being politically involved, and how being non-political is a sin. This is funny from my perspective… the world is in such a mess on all ends of the political spectrum and thats all they can see as an answer.


Human political systems can improve but never fix.

Anyway. Im hoping the rainy weather lifts so Ha Long wont be too misty.

5 past 8 now where is the bus?

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  1. Ahn M

    I am not sure how your tour went but I would advise against anyone taking the Kangaroo Cafe tour. I recently took Kangaroo Cafe tour to Halong Bay and the owner Max was really rude and unhelpful to all of the customers. I repeat DO NOT TAKE THE KANGAROO CAFE TOUR. It has many good references on Tripadvisor but I am confident after leaving a negative reference that the owner is somehow paying off the Tripadvisor staff or finding some loophole to delete accurate and negative references.


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